1st Pet Portrait of 2015

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I’m so excited to finally share this, I was asked not to post it online until after Christmas as it was a surprise gift. Now that I know the owner has seen it, you can too:
Finished portrait
Framed A5 print


Original photograph
This portrait was a delight to work on, even though a recent, high quality reference image was not available as this was to be a memorial. I chose a digital medium so as to pick out lots of fine details and it was requested that I made it look as though coloured pencils had been used to complete the portrait – I do love a challenge!
Don’t forget, if you would like a special portrait for yourself or as a special gift, commissions are always welcome. You can contact me via email (hannah@espyart.com) and find out more information on my website (espyart.com)
Thanks ever so much for reading my blog, I hope to be posting here more regularly from now on.
Take care

December 31st 2014

This is the last day of my old lifestyle, from now on things are going to be a bit different.

No more excuses for not starting a project, no more unfinished pieces and most importantly, its time to try new things!

This applies both to my personal and work life, so I’ll be swapping tv shows, games and other such procrastination, for creativity or exercise. Not completely, just enough so that I grow to appreciate the free-time I actually do have, unlike before. I will allow myself to slip up a few times, its only natural to resist change, but as long as I remind myself that its ultimately for the best, all should be fine.

I figured January 1st was a good time to start, as one of my Christmas gifts this year was a page-per-day 2015 diary, which I can now use to track my progress – as nice as this blog is, there’s nothing quite like proper handwritten notes 🙂

You may be wondering why I’m telling you all this.

Well, I’m not too sure myself to be honest! I guess I just hoped that even if one person out there follows my journey, perhaps even feels inspired by it, I’d have a great reason not to stop.

Basically, now that I’ve said its time to change, on a blog that’s out there for all to see, there’s no going back….

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, hope it’s a good one!


The Big Relaunch!

So, it’s finally time for an exciting change I’ve been considering for quite a while…

Goodbye old routine, hello fresh start!
From now on, everything creative I share online, and all my business/art commission type things, will be part of ‘Espy Art’ – finally it will all be neat and organised!
This includes my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, website and of course this blog.
As much as I loved ‘hannah-taylor-pet-portraits.com’, I realise it was quite a mouthful and restricted the content I could share with you.
I will continue to create artwork, accept commissions, take photographs and share stories/thoughts just as before, hopefully more frequently as I have fewer sites/profiles to manage.
Please feel free to have a nose around my new site and let me know what you think – thank you 🙂

A new start!

So, as you may know, I’ve been running two blogs, one for each of my websites, for quite a while now. Recently though, I had a brain wave – why not combine them into one and bring everything together? Ok, it wasn’t exactly an earth-shattering idea, but it just felt right. After all, no matter how different my styles may seem, they are part of who I am and that’s exactly why I want to share it all with you.
Now here we are, the first post of a new venture, and I’d like to welcome you to what I hope will be a nice place filled with my photos, rambly thoughts, advice and other such things ^_^
Here’s to bringing Espy Art and ‘Hannah Taylor Pet Portraits’ together, cheers!
*raises a jar of water filled with painty brushes, as its the closest thing to a ‘glass’ in the studio*
Take care,

Time to stop and think

My daily photo project went well, better than I could have hoped really. OK, so I didn’t quite manage a whole year of daily photos…*but* I did learn a lot and this little break has helped me refocus.

The photos I did take, one for every day of this year until May 5th, can be found here

I was foolishly staying up until around midnight most evenings, just to edit and upload a new photo before the day officially ended. Now that I stop and think about it, there really was no need to ‘rush’ at all, its supposed to be a positive challenge, not a punishment!

Also, with my creative work I seem to be having more ‘blank canvas’ moments than ever before, where the bright white of a page/monitor causes me to shut down and stare blankly for a while until I snap out of it and just chuck some colour down to fill the empty space.

As I’m sure you’ll have noticed, I’ve not been showing you my art recently and that is just not good enough – for anyone, including myself. Believe me, I have been doodling, sketching & drawing almost every day, its just the actual sharing part I’m struggling with. I did update my little self portrait, to match my current hairstyle (or lack of it haha), which you can find here, so that’s progress I guess?

What I think I’m trying to say with this post, is that I’ve finally taken a moment to stop and think. Art, creativity, photography etc should be positive things. Its time to stop forcing schedules on myself and just enjoy what I do. A little mistake in a drawing isn’t the end of the world, don’t give up and throw it away – learn from it!

Now I feel I can continue to share my creations, whatever they may be, without feeling like everything has to be perfect – time to have fun! 🙂

Thanks ever so much for reading this post, I feel much better now that I’ve typed it all out ^_^

Take care