Family portrait

Every dog in our family, past and present, has had a portrait done, so its now Wiley’s turn. His unusual markings and expressive eyes are going to be wonderful to draw/paint
Here he is, looking handsome as ever:

Smiley Wiley


Right, I reckon I’ve got most of it figured out, and I’m feeling very motivated. The website is being pampered and treated to some new bits ‘n’ bobs, whilst I crack on with adding a ‘Commissions’ page.

I want to get it just right, so I will be sure to keep this blog up-to-date with any news

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I feel sure the finish-line is fast approaching, hoorah!


Today’s task, is to begin working out how to actually turn my website into a business, allowing lovely people to acquire a portrait of their lovely furry/feathery friends 🙂

So I shall now attempt to navigate my way through a maze of business terms and unnecessarily complex processes until I come across a solution

Take care, and I will return shortly


Busy again

I have now almost finished an on-going project from many years ago – a large acrylic on canvas of three wild, galloping horses. It has been a pleasure to work on, and reminded me how fun it can be to work on such a big scale 🙂

In other news, my new business cards arrived this morning and I feel more business-like ^__^ All I need now are people to give them too…