Dinosaurs & Wolves

Well, my random shape transformed into a baby dinosaur, and he is very cute! There are still a few finishing touches to be added, and I look forward to giving him a name when he is finished, and then I will upload a photo 🙂

Other than getting covered in PVA glue and sticky tape, I have spent this week organising the hundreds of photographs taken on a day out to The Wolf Conservation Trust, and seeing them so close up reminded me just how beautiful they really are. I’m looking forward to going back again, once I have got myself a decent camera. I already have my eye on one I think will be just right, now I need to save up for it before before October…no pressure!



Arts and Crafts

Today I am making a creature from scraps I find around the house; I never know what it is going to be, I just let it morph and change until a shape is formed. In the past I have made a person, a fox, a horse and even a dragon! They adorn my art room, watching me as I work on their next companion. I find the process very relaxing, and I’m sure this newest member of the family will turn out just fine, once it decides what it wants to be 🙂
I will return to my usual paintings and drawings once this is finished, but for now I need to take a break from ‘flat’ art, and get stuck into some messy crafts, what fun!

New artwork coming soon….

Apron with a pocket full of paint brushes – Check

Hands covered in pastel dust – Check

Table piled high with photos – Check

Yep, my room is now back to being a studio again, and I couldn’t be happier!! I’m having a quick break from it all to let you know there could be a couple of new paintings/drawings up in the gallery soon, so watch this space….

Ok, better get back to work!

Take care