Friday fox

Foxes are probably one of the most recognisable animals, with their black and white markings on a striking orange coat.

They are known for being cunning and sly, hence this guy’s cheeky expression.

I left most of the rough pencil sketch on show, adding colour on the level below and details on the very top.

Lately I have been experimenting with shading, I like it to be minimal yet still give a design depth.

I think I’m getting the hang of it now but I am always learning as I go!



Peace and quiet

As my life is pretty hectic at the moment, I enjoyed drawing this moment of silence and serenity.
This design is based on my lurcher, such a lazy girl but I love her ^_^
Here she has stopped to take in the fresh air and sunshine, before sprinting off again to explore.
As you can see, I tweaked the idea a little to give the image a more relaxed feel.
I love that this could be a still from an animation – with this style I imagine it would be a lovely film to work on….

Puppy love

Look who’s back!
I felt bad for the lack of art, so I made a brand new background for the blog, neat huh?
You may notice this matches my website too, now everything ties in nicely.
Anyway, enough about that, you’re here to see more new designs so I shall provide:
This pup is loosely based on a four-legged family member from the past,
who has always inspired me.
The design symbolises all ‘bully’ breeds, and their loving nature.
I am a big supporter of these dogs, finding them to be the most loyal
and affectionate friends you could ever hope to meet
I remember doodling the quick line drawing, and being excited
 to develop it into something lovely.
I’m really pleased with how it turned out, soft and gentle, just like the breed.
Hoping to do more in support of these dogs with my art, so stay tuned!


I like drawing cats, usually tall and skinny or short and plump.
This particular kitty has a hint of ‘Snowbell’ (Stuart Little) and ‘Salem’ (Sabrina). It seems I am heavily influenced by childhood memories of TV and film. Or it might be because I still watch the same things now!
As you can see, the eyes changed from my original design, mostly as I still struggle with overly cartoonish features -I blame years of working on ‘real’ animal portraits…

Lost and found

As with most of my work, I start with nothing and gradually build up an idea.
This is no exception, I began with a white square on the screen and a brown,
charcoal-effect brush tip selected
After scrubbing out a background, I let my pen flow until this gangly hound took shape.
He is out wandering in the misty city, when a kind voice calls from up ahead.
A soft light falls across him as the stranger approaches, torch held out to guide them through the fog.
The story of these characters is as yet unwritten, perhaps they will go on an epic adventure?
Or just maybe, a cozy fire and a hearty meal awaits them…

Stone scales

Its good to be back, I missed being on here yesterday!
Oriental dragons are so varied and intricate, this is my first in that style.
Starting with a pencil drawing, I then added shading and highlights (using a white pen). As with most of my work, I continued working in Photoplus until I was happy with the final look. It’s handy to have a tool that cuts out your original design and lets you add a backdrop, it means I can change the colours as often as I like.
A young statue, brought to life by mystical forces, curls around the symbol for yinyang.
I may develop more of a story for this character, perhaps they have a twin?
I’m not sure yet, all I know is I am loving the graded, striking background here,
and can’t wait to use this technique again.

Dreaming of dragons

Back in dragon mode tonight, I may well add more to this little guy
 but I need to rest my brain for now!
I loved my little dragon doodle as it was, however I love to experiment so went
ahead and tried out a different style anyway
I gave him a ghostly look, with gentle moon light from above.
You may notice he is a little bat-like in his appearance, aren’t bats just adorable?!
This seemingly simple design actually took much longer than expected, perhaps down to my overly tired state, which is why this is yet another late evening post for all you night owls out there
Time to step away from the screen for a while and dream of dragons, bye for now