1st Pet Portrait of 2015

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I’m so excited to finally share this, I was asked not to post it online until after Christmas as it was a surprise gift. Now that I know the owner has seen it, you can too:
Finished portrait
Framed A5 print


Original photograph
This portrait was a delight to work on, even though a recent, high quality reference image was not available as this was to be a memorial. I chose a digital medium so as to pick out lots of fine details and it was requested that I made it look as though coloured pencils had been used to complete the portrait – I do love a challenge!
Don’t forget, if you would like a special portrait for yourself or as a special gift, commissions are always welcome. You can contact me via email (hannah@espyart.com) and find out more information on my website (espyart.com)
Thanks ever so much for reading my blog, I hope to be posting here more regularly from now on.
Take care

Misty Morning

My walking companion was a little different today, it seems Little Diva allowed me to join her for a wander in the woods

Wonky ears, listening out for her friends
I took two cameras out with me, though she only let me use them if I promised not to ask her to pose, as this would distract her from her sniffing routine.
There were so many little mushrooms dotted around, which paired with thick fog made for lovely photographs (and very soggy knees, from all the clambering around for ground level shots!)
Prettier than flowers
Mini mirrored mushrooms
Every spider’s web was visible, thanks to the tiny water beads strung along every thread. All of the trees were decorated in these dainty spirals, perhaps they too are in the festive spirit?
Foggy cobbyweb

The trees were hiding from us and the fog was so thick that the path often became hard to follow. Fortunately Little Diva’s nose lead us home and I snapped a few shots on the way

As far as the eye can’t see

It was a wonderful walk, but of course I couldn’t leave my work for long, so once home I settled down in my studio and got stuck in

You may have seen that I had a short break from portraits while my house slowly froze. Luckily, everything is back to normal now, with a nice toasty house and my gloves returned to their basket where they belong
I hope to see you next Sunday for the craft show in Hullbridge 🙂
Take care