¿noʎ ǝɹɐ ʍoɥ ‘ollǝH
Why has the world gone topsy turvy?
The Diva asked if she could greet you today, from her usual spot on the her sofa. I swear she spends the majority of her time upside down…
She also said it was about time I talked less about me, and had a chat with the REAL star.
After a couple of tasty treats, she agreed to share this post with her brothers, how very nice of her!
She has been making lots of friends on her walks lately, – I’m surprised she has time to meet other doggies when she is sprinting through the trees, she is a natural racer after all.
Sulky face
Oh dear, sorry for making you wait your turn.
(Wally Boy resorted to jumping around with an old towel to get my attention)
He’d like to boast about the new tricks he has been learning and offers his paw to shake your hand. If you were to ask, he’d also be happy to wave/back up/lie down or sit for you.
We are working on a couple more, however his spine acts a little strange sometimes so we avoid ‘flashy’ dance moves
Snack time!
I heard squeaking, and turned to see a hungry little fluff ball begging for attention. Once wrapped in his favourite blanket, Jack gladly munched some lettuce and chatted away. He often sits in my art room, offering encouragement while I work, along with many, many white hairs to decorate my floor
Friendly firebreather

As I returned to my painting, I noticed another critter who looked larger than I remembered. Turns out my magnifying glass was poised over this little dragon paperweight and I just had to get a photograph.

There we go, a short chat with my animal family * : )
Bye for now!
* Well, the photogenic side of the family at least – my goldfish are shy, while my budgies are VERY timid and happier away from us and the camera. Each new member of the family we welcome is a rescue, with a bad start in life, so we always do what is best to keep them calm and happy.

Misty Morning

My walking companion was a little different today, it seems Little Diva allowed me to join her for a wander in the woods

Wonky ears, listening out for her friends
I took two cameras out with me, though she only let me use them if I promised not to ask her to pose, as this would distract her from her sniffing routine.
There were so many little mushrooms dotted around, which paired with thick fog made for lovely photographs (and very soggy knees, from all the clambering around for ground level shots!)
Prettier than flowers
Mini mirrored mushrooms
Every spider’s web was visible, thanks to the tiny water beads strung along every thread. All of the trees were decorated in these dainty spirals, perhaps they too are in the festive spirit?
Foggy cobbyweb

The trees were hiding from us and the fog was so thick that the path often became hard to follow. Fortunately Little Diva’s nose lead us home and I snapped a few shots on the way

As far as the eye can’t see

It was a wonderful walk, but of course I couldn’t leave my work for long, so once home I settled down in my studio and got stuck in

You may have seen that I had a short break from portraits while my house slowly froze. Luckily, everything is back to normal now, with a nice toasty house and my gloves returned to their basket where they belong
I hope to see you next Sunday for the craft show in Hullbridge 🙂
Take care

On the trail

Are you getting in the spooky spirit?
Halloween is fast approaching, I just hope our animal family are ready for the noisy fireworks that always echo around our town this time of year.
Hmm speaking of my furry/feathery friends, I don’t think I have written much about my my little fluffy guinea piggy, Jack, how awful of me!
Well, at the moment he is comfy cosy, cradled in my arms as I type, nibbling on any stray paper nearby and ‘chatting’ away to me with rumbles and squeaks about his thoughts on his halloween costume – I think he would like to be a pirate as he already has the perfect black patch over one eye!
Aye, Avast!!
I love making costumes and designing face paint ideas, embracing the creative elements of what could be a ‘scary’ week, by being productive (and eating far too many themed chocolates in the process!)
A quick reminder that Rochford Art Trail is up and running until Saturday, and my work is now set up, which is good news 🙂
I also had a stall at the Hullbridge Community Centre’s Art & Craft Show yesterday, it was lots of fun and I met so many lovely people who shared their pet’s stories with me
I hope you, and any of my animal readers, have been well
See you in November

Adventure is out there!

Remember that time I disappeared for a week or so, and promised I’d tell you what I was up to? Well now is the time to share some photos and stories, enjoy!

My adventure buddy: VHS Photography

First stop on the journey was the New Forest, such a beautiful place! We were greeted by a very friendly herd of donkeys who loved nothing more than a scratch behind the ear and a pat on the neck.
Hello there!

It was hard to tear ourselves away from them, but when we did the views were worth it!

Here comes the rain….

After a long trek, the clouds began to gather and my camera was hurriedly stuffed away in my safety of my jacket. This seemed a good time to hop back in the car and head towards shelter for the evening.

 The next morning, we met our new neighbours. They lived in a pigsty and didn’t really say much, but seemed happy enough….
What a sweety ^_^

In Longleat, we had a great chance to get some shots for my portrait work and get really close to lots of stunning animals – of all shapes and sizes.

It was amazing to see such an impressive animal just walking inches from us, they are so gentle and loving, a truly magical moment
Rhinos rule the road
As part of the drive through experience, you also meet deer, as they poke their head into the car in search of lunch, which we were happy to provide!
Any food for me?

Thanks to my 36 x zoom, I was able to get a closer look at this handsome chap from the famous Jungle Cruise boat

 The weather was amazing, giving us some wonderful views over the lake
Boat trip
Of course, no trip is complete without visiting a landmark. Our choice was Stone Henge, where we took plenty of photographs as the light danced around the stones


There it is

I found a new doggy friend, perhaps he would like a portrait done?

Good dog!
 My first attempt at ‘light graffiti’ was lots of fun, we took it in turns to make shapes with a set of finger torches, and as I am already feeling christmassy, here is a festive star


Twinkle twinkle…

This is a snapshot of our adventure, I’m hoping to sort through my many photos to pick out potential portraits.

I hope you also get a chance to experience these places some time:
The Doctor Who Experience
Longleat Safari & Adventure park
Stone Henge
The New Forest

Little September Showers

Hello again, oh look! It appears to be raining
*stares out into the greyness beyond the window*
I love the rain, as long as you have a nice big brolly & waterproof shoes for walking – there’s nothing nicer than the sound of rain pattering outside to make you feel relaxed
Rain, rain, stay a while 🙂
 As you have probably guessed by this new post, I am now back from my holiday
(I had not a scrap of internet while I was away & I must say it was so nice to have a little break from screens and speakers to appreciate nature)
I am spending every spare minute making up for all the doggy hugs and snuggles I’ve been without….
 First, my camera narrowly avoiding a swipe from little miss diva, but once I ditched the lens she allowed me to sit on the very edge of her couch and give her a belly rub
No cameras please!
 Next, to make me feel bad for leaving him I was blanked for a while, but being such a big baby he couldn’t hold out for too long before he came bounding over to take his place on my lap for a long snooze (loud snoring included)
Oh, you’re back. That’s nice….
 It was quite the adventure though, so stay tuned for my post filled with all things travelly!
Since returning, I have been a busy bee – working on portraits and organising events – of course finding the time to dedicate to you, my lovely blog reader
I did get a chance to pop down to my local art festival, and was fortunate enough to see this happy chap.
Lions love to smile
 The chinese lion was wiggling his way around the highstreet, following the odd bemused business man around before playing ball with nearby children. It was a really upbeat performance, and I certainly felt happier as a result of watching such talented puppeteers
Ok, I’m off to work on a pastel portrait
*puts on apron*
Have a wonderful week, take care

Time to travel

Tomorrow morning I will be heading off on an adventure!
I will be bringing back many photos as I am visiting landmarks and a wildlife park on my travels
Until then, looky at these pretty engines and cars I spotted at the Barleylands show
Beauty in car form
I spy sweeties!
 I will aim to update the blog by next week when I have recovered from all the walking about and my feet cease to hate me
I hope you all have a fantastic week, ta ta for now!

The sun is shining…time to blog!

No really, the weather is beautiful today and I have been out for a wander, but now I’m sat at the laptop with an urge to update you  : )
Wiley and I heard, and perhaps saw, a lovely little woodpecker during our walk – it was making quite a racket, each knock echoing around us till the end of our walk, so I glanced behind us into the tallest tree and spotted a mini pair of wings flutter before disappearing out of sight. The woods then fell silent as we began walking home, but I was just pleased to have heard one at all
I have not taken many new photos since my last post as all of my cameras have been plugged in and charging, such a long process! However the moon was looking pretty fantasticly photographable the other night, so I tried out some settings to see what happened…
Just the moon
Now with added clouds
aaaaand I promised you wolfie piccies:
Wolf stare
The walk of the wolf
The day was simply perfect, plenty of sunshine for photos.
There may have been the odd short rain shower, leading to a sky like this:
Crazy weather
Not that I let that ruin my day with so many gorgeous wolves just inches from wherever I stood, and my camera didn’t die *happy dance*
I’m looking forward to going back again, check out their site for information and updates