1st Craft Show of 2015

Hello again!

After taking a little break, I did my first craft show of this year and it was also my first time out as ‘Espy Art’ rather than ‘Hannah Taylor Pet Portraits’ 🙂

I adore these fairy lights, they really helped make my work stand out

Usually my good friends Vicki (VHS Photography) and Stacey (Perggals) have stalls too, check out their art and photos if you haven’t already, but this time it was just me.

Caught rearranging my flyers

Vicki (VHS Photography) did come along to visit me as a surprise and took lots of photos while I was working on my latest digital portrait.

Classic ‘over the shoulder’ shot

All my stall neighbours were super friendly and helped me settle in right away. In fact, everybody was lovely, I don’t think I stopped smiling all day!

Happy to draw all day long

I was lucky from the very start as I got the car parked right by the door which meant less walking in the wind with all my stuff. Then I was given an 8 foot table, so much space, especially as I only booked a 6 foot one – big thanks to my Dad for helping me set up!

A close up view of my sign and portfolio

Its a shame I wasn’t able to wander around the show and appreciate everyone’s beautiful displays during the day, but here are just a few of the artists and crafters I met, with links to their work:

Handmade Hannah Crafts

Etch A Sketch

Maggie Makes

Plum Porridge

A Bit Of Glass

My next craft show is over a month away, I just wish it was sooner!

I’d like to thank all the people who visited my stall and chatted to me, and a big thanks to you for reading this blog, you’re great 🙂

Take care



1st Pet Portrait of 2015

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I’m so excited to finally share this, I was asked not to post it online until after Christmas as it was a surprise gift. Now that I know the owner has seen it, you can too:
Finished portrait
Framed A5 print


Original photograph
This portrait was a delight to work on, even though a recent, high quality reference image was not available as this was to be a memorial. I chose a digital medium so as to pick out lots of fine details and it was requested that I made it look as though coloured pencils had been used to complete the portrait – I do love a challenge!
Don’t forget, if you would like a special portrait for yourself or as a special gift, commissions are always welcome. You can contact me via email (hannah@espyart.com) and find out more information on my website (espyart.com)
Thanks ever so much for reading my blog, I hope to be posting here more regularly from now on.
Take care

A doodle a day (I hope!)

As well as my usual designs that I am working on, it is my plan to share a different doodle every day
I say doodles, they will be (usually) quick sketches or made up ideas, sometimes a whole pageful
So, this is the first page:
A scruffy chap with no name, who sprang to mind the moment my pencil met the page. I love dogs with big paws, most likely as I live with a soppy mastiff cross breed who can barely keep his own under control! Also, large noses are always great to draw, from every angle.
I do hope to create an animated short with a character such as this, no particular breed in mind as I enjoy mixing up the different features to get a quirky result.
Ok then, first one done and plenty more to be getting on with.
I do hope you enjoy my little rambles and doodles, I know I love sharing them with you

Out and about

If you saw my last post you’ll know I’ve been off on my holidays recently
and had a jolly good time too
After sorting through all the photos and getting my studio back up and running,
I am feeling tired but happy
Brighton is such a wonderful place with plenty to do and staying right by
the pier was great fun
The only one brave enough to go on the rollercoaster
I sense an angular theme!
 Closer to home, I popped along to a Robin Hood country show
which was marvellous
As an animal lover there was an endless sea of
dogs, falcons, owls, horses, bunnies….you get the idea
Guarding the medieval camp
Doggy paddle
 As the weather has been so kind, I also had a chance to
walk by the river
I chose to test my DSLR’s second lens for a change,
which lead to much ‘depth of field’ fun
Colours of summer
Lots of hungry mouths to feed
 Hopefully these piccies make up for how quiet I have been,
if I go on any more adventures I will be sure to report back to you
Take care


I always enjoy a walk in the woods & recently I have noticed an abundance of beautiful spring flowers that brighten up my day
The sunshine through the leafy canopy gave an unusual light one day, so I took a few photos while I wandered
The buttercup test knew
I liked butter
I feel so lucky to live near such wonderful woodland & my Wiley boy loves to stop and smell the flowers every few steps
Lonely daisy

This is probably my favourite time of year, the birds certainly seem to be enjoying themselves as the woods is always filled with singing and chirping –  the perfect soundtrack!

Magical forest
Bluebells are really the stand out flower for me right now, they create an amazing blue glow against the green
Bluebell blanket

I love watching the same area of woods change throughout the year, who knows how many photographs I have taken since I began my walks along this same path?

I’m sure many of you have a place you love to go for a walk, so I wanted to share my morning wanderings with you
Take care!

Taking control

I have so many thoughts buzzing around in my brain today, TOO many in fact!

Whenever I struggle to keep up with my ideas, I find it helps to scribble everything out in a brainstorm.

I have no problem in particular I am trying to solve, just a need to organise my own thoughts – think of it as a spring clean 🙂

Its good to put pen to paper and write whatever comes to mind, especially when you use your favourite pen – is there a better feeling, than finding that one pen that never scratches or fades??

This also gives me a chance to group together common themes and work out a rough direction to go in, then I can relax again…a little….


It seems all this sunshine has really inspired me to move forward & try new things – long may this burst of creativity last!

If you have a good way to focus/narrow down your ideas, feel free to share xx

I hope you had a lovely Easter, by now I assume all chocolate eggs have been eaten and Mr Bunny can now put his big feet up until next year

Trying out a new way to post, let’s see if this will work in the future:

~ Click to zoom in ~
As you can see I spent a day by the seaside, during a rare sunny spell, and took many photos. 
I used a selection of cameras for different style images which was fun – going from manual to auto focus, then viewfinder to LCD screen was a challenge though!
Its hard to believe it was possible to sit on a beach, considering it is now snowing heavily…
I hope you like the montage with little notes, this has been a nice way to represent my day out that I enjoy sharing with you 🙂
Take care