1st Pet Portrait of 2015

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I’m so excited to finally share this, I was asked not to post it online until after Christmas as it was a surprise gift. Now that I know the owner has seen it, you can too:
Finished portrait
Framed A5 print


Original photograph
This portrait was a delight to work on, even though a recent, high quality reference image was not available as this was to be a memorial. I chose a digital medium so as to pick out lots of fine details and it was requested that I made it look as though coloured pencils had been used to complete the portrait – I do love a challenge!
Don’t forget, if you would like a special portrait for yourself or as a special gift, commissions are always welcome. You can contact me via email (hannah@espyart.com) and find out more information on my website (espyart.com)
Thanks ever so much for reading my blog, I hope to be posting here more regularly from now on.
Take care

New Technique

After a short break, I am back to my portraits and trying out new techniques
Keep reading to see how I created my latest piece
Finished drawing
This effect was achieved in two stages
After selecting my favourite photo for reference, I then sketched with pastels onto paper
Colour selection
 I chose to use a nice sandy range of colours with a fairly loose application, as I actually like to see the paper’s texture through my work to add texture
Pastel paper
Once I was happy with this drawing I used my graphics tablet, and related software, to add finer details.
Colour and brush selection
Using different brush tips, I could also tidy up my portrait’s background and experiment with colours to best suit the lioness’ tones
Magic paper
By working over the image with a digital brush, there is no fear of smudging the original artwork and changes can be made easily.
Close up
As you can see in the cropped image, even on a computer you can still recreate the look of traditional medium – without the mess! : )
The graphics tablet allows me to enhance any portrait, or create one from scratch, with the chance to undo/redo every alteration
If you would like to order your own portrait, please send me your chosen photograph(s) and we can discuss ideas and styles


January Summary

January this year has been lovely

Attending my second Arts and Crafts Fair was very enjoyable; thanks to all of you who came along to the Hullbridge Community Centre on Sunday, it was a lovely show with lots of great stalls, and even the freezing weather didn’t dampen spirits

I have recently finished this portrait, of a beautiful cat named ‘Pilgrim’

And finally, my website has had a slight makeover as a treat for the new year, complete with new portraits and updated diary dates

Take care