Out and about

If you saw my last post you’ll know I’ve been off on my holidays recently
and had a jolly good time too
After sorting through all the photos and getting my studio back up and running,
I am feeling tired but happy
Brighton is such a wonderful place with plenty to do and staying right by
the pier was great fun
The only one brave enough to go on the rollercoaster
I sense an angular theme!
 Closer to home, I popped along to a Robin Hood country show
which was marvellous
As an animal lover there was an endless sea of
dogs, falcons, owls, horses, bunnies….you get the idea
Guarding the medieval camp
Doggy paddle
 As the weather has been so kind, I also had a chance to
walk by the river
I chose to test my DSLR’s second lens for a change,
which lead to much ‘depth of field’ fun
Colours of summer
Lots of hungry mouths to feed
 Hopefully these piccies make up for how quiet I have been,
if I go on any more adventures I will be sure to report back to you
Take care

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